From December 28th to 29th, Guangzhou Tianhe District Party Committee Secretary and District Chief Chen Jiameng led a party and government delegation in Tianhe District to carry out counterpart assistance work in our city, and donated counterpart assistance funds for Xingning; and signed an agreement with Xingning The Framework Agreement on Consumer Poverty Alleviation and the Framework Agreement on Tourism Poverty Alleviation, mobilized donations from 10 Guangzhou enterprises to help Xingning revitalize and develop. Mr. Xie Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Tianhe District Committee of Guangzhou City, and Minister of the United Front Work Department; Liu Qingjin, Deputy District Chief; and Liu Zhihui, Member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Meizhou Municipality; Yu Qibao, Member of the Standing Committee of Meizhou Municipal Committee; Expedition.

On the evening of December 28, Chen Jiameng and his party visited the second agricultural special product exhibition and agricultural electricity supplier exchange trade fair in Xingning, and then went to Jinlu Modern Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Meiyike Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Four Seasons Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Shunmin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Green Grain Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. and other booths, listened to the introduction of production and sales and industrial assistance, and visited the Guangdong cuisine Hakka cuisine master engineering gourmet area.

Chen Jiameng expressed his appreciation for Xingning's positioning as an ecological development zone, seizing development opportunities, relying on rich natural conditions and a developed platform for agricultural e-commerce, and vigorously promoting the development of modern agriculture. He hoped that the relevant departments of the two places, especially the counterpart assistance departments, should strengthen communication and cooperation, build bridges, and promote high-quality agricultural specialty products in Xingning to Guangzhou and other places in the Pearl River Delta. At the same time, he hoped that agricultural enterprises in Xingning could seize the good opportunities and strengthen government policies. Enterprise communication, establish brand awareness, do better and better specialty agricultural products, strengthen publicity and promotion, vigorously develop modern marketing, and enlarge and strengthen new agricultural business entities.

On the morning of December 29, Chen Jiameng and his party went to Dacun Village, Xinjing Town, and Guangdong Taige Technology Energy Co., Ltd. to inspect, and held a joint meeting of the party and government in Tianhe District and Xingning City to hear the counterpart assistance work Report and discuss the countermeasures to assist the development.
In recent years, according to the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Tianhe District has really assisted and supported the Xingning work. As of November 2019, Tianhe District has invested a total of about 240 million yuan in financial resources, including 164 million yuan in targeted poverty alleviation and 76 million yuan in industrial assistance funds, and mobilized 20 million yuan in social assistance funds for enterprises, enterprises, and individuals to fight poverty in Xingning. , Park construction and local economic development have injected strong impetus.

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