On December 27, the Provincial Public Security Department convened a working meeting of the provincial public security police stations to summarize experiences, analyze the situation, and make arrangements for the work of the provincial public security police stations in the current and future periods. At the meeting, the working conditions of the police stations in the province in recent years were reported, and plaques were given to the representatives of four provinces named “Fengqiao Police Stations” and 33 first “Fengqiao Police Stations”.

The meeting requested that the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party and the national and provincial public security work conferences and national police station work conferences should be thoroughly implemented, with a focus on the grassroots and the foundation to comprehensively strengthen the work of the Guangdong Police Station in the new era. Actively create a "Fengqiao-style police station", solidly promote the modernization of grass-roots social governance systems and governance capabilities, and create a safe and stable social security environment for our province to achieve "four in the forefront of the country" and be "two important windows" .

The meeting emphasized that we must consolidate the main responsibilities, courageously overcome difficulties, and closely integrate and strengthen capacity building, deepen reform and innovation, and pay close attention to grassroots foundations to ensure that by 2022 our province ’s police stations have a new look at hardware facilities and a police mechanism. Strategic goals of scientific and efficient, constantly new police means, and significantly improved team capabilities. It is necessary to fight the battle of “precise escape from difficulties” and completely solve the “big difficulties” behind the police station infrastructure; further promote the construction of smart new police affairs and reform and reform the police mechanism of the police station; adhere to and develop the “Maple Bridge Experience” in the new era and make every effort Create a new pattern of co-construction, common governance and shared grassroots social governance, and a new situation in the work of the Guangdong Police Station in the era of innovation.

The meeting called for adherence to political police building, comprehensive and strict police management, grasp the team and lead the team, conduct in-depth training of the entire police, and adhere to the principle of constant discipline, solidly implement the warm police incentive measures, and vigorously promote the revolutionary and regular police team. Specialized and professional construction, focusing on forging the iron army of public security police stations that are loyal and reliable and can fight good wars.

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