A few days ago, the Fifth People's Hospital of Xingning City (Shuikou Town Central Health Center) was unveiled. Yu Qibao, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Xingning Municipal Committee, Huang Weihua, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Lin Yulan, Director of the Municipal Health and Health Bureau, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of the Xingning Municipal Committee Hong Guohua jointly unveiled the newly-built Xingning Fifth People's Hospital.

The Fifth People's Hospital of Xingning City was relocated and built on the basis of the original Shuikou Township Central Health Center. It is one of the 47 central health center upgrading projects deployed and implemented by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. It is another major achievement to make medical shortcomings and increase the supply of medical resources. The project is constructed according to the standards of Grade A and Grade A hospitals, with a total investment of 180 million yuan, 200 beds, an area of 17,500 square meters, a total construction area of 21,000 square meters, and new comprehensive buildings such as outpatient and emergency hospitals, with 12 Clinical departments and 10 medical technology departments.

The completion and use of the Fifth People's Hospital of Xingning City will greatly enhance the medical service capacity of the original Shuikou Central Health Center, greatly improve the medical conditions for more than 200,000 people around the Meixing Huafeng Industrial Cluster, and build health for Xingning City. Strengthening the city and improving the service support of Meixing Huafeng Industrial Agglomeration Belt provides a strong guarantee.

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