On December 19, Lee, a fugitive in the suspected prosecution case, was seized by the police of Shenzhen Railway Station of Shenzhen Railway Public Security Department when he was about to board a train from Shenzhen Railway Station. Li, 26 years old, is from Wuhua County, Guangdong Province. After graduating from high school, Li has been working in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area. Since 2018, Li has been in love with Huang, who has a working relationship with him. After being in love for more than a year, the two kept quarrelling because of their disagreements.

At the end of July 2019, Huang formally proposed to break up. Li felt that he deeply loved Huang and could not accept Huang's request to break up. He had been stubbornly struggling. He went to Huang's work unit and asked Huang to regroup. However, Huang Mou iron wanted to separate, not only completely broke the connection with Li Mou, even to avoid Li Mou, even changed his job. Seeing Hwang avoiding himself is like hiding from the plague god, Li became angry and anger. From September 2019, he repeatedly posted Hwang's identity information and address on platforms such as QQ group and post bar, misleading others to think that Huang Ms. Mi is a female who has lost her footing. As a result, many people have come to harass Huang, which has seriously affected the life of Ms. Huang and her family. Huang was deeply disturbed. After communication failed, he could only report to the police. After learning that Huang had reported to the police, Li realized that his actions might violate the law. In order to escape the legal sanctions, he fled to Shenzhen and sought Shenzhen's fellow villagers avoid the limelight. Five months after the man involved was arrested, Li quickly felt that the limelight had passed, and he was going to take a bus from Shenzhen Station to his hometown.

At noon on December 19, Li packed his luggage and came to Shenzhen Railway Station. When he went through the security check with the ticket he just bought, because of a bottle of hair gel in his luggage, he was caught by the police of Shenzhen Railway Station Police Station in Shenzhen Railway Public Security Office. Stopped and asked to open the package for inspection.

Li was guilty of being a thief. When he saw that the police stopped him, he didn't understand why it was stopped. He took the luggage nervously and ran to the waiting room. The police stopped the investigation and found out that he was a victim of Zhejiang. The fugitives who registered on the Internet in Yuyao Public Security Bureau of the Province, after Huang's alarm, the Public Security Bureau of Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province investigated Li's criminal behavior. Now Li has been detained in a detention center and it will be legal for him Sanctions.

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