On December 26, Meizhou City saw Yi Yong as the foundation's chairman, Comrade Gu Xiaoping, Honorary Chairman Comrade Zhong Yongteng, Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General Gu Sigui, and a team of 8 people made a special trip to Xingning City to pay condolences to Zhang Wanda, Zhong Yuanzhen, two comrades, gave them certificates and rewards. Comrade Zeng Zhaoqiang, Deputy Mayor of Xingning City, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Public Security Bureau, and leaders of the Bureau Wu Haibo, Luo Weihang, and Zeng Zhenwen accompanied the sympathy.

On the afternoon of November 8, Zhang Wanda, an auxiliary police officer, received a message from a friend on the way to work, saying that an elderly man suspected of jumping into the river and committing suicide in the waters near Nanji Bridge on Xingnan Avenue. After hearing the news, Zhang Wanda rushed to the scene immediately and saw that most of the old man's body had been sunk in the rapid river water, and his life was in danger at any time. Zhang Wanda didn't say anything when he saw the situation. He was anxious, quickly found the rope, regardless of his own safety, and approached the old man. When he arrived, he comforted the old man and tied the old man with a rope. From the submerged river to the neck, slowly After returning the old man to a safe zone, he was silently left after being handed over to the police.

At 11:50 on December 2nd, Zhong Yuanzhen was drying wormwood near the old house, Heping, Jiutinglou, Ningxin Street Office, Xingning City, and suddenly heard neighbor Rao Qiuhong shouting for help "Someone robbed!". After hearing the shout, Zhong Yuanzhen immediately rushed to Rao Qiuhong's house. On the side of the alley, a young man wearing a helmet and a black shoulder bag hurried out. Zhong Yuanzhen realized that this person might be a suspect of robbery, so he stopped immediately. The other party held the grabbed black shoulder bag by hand to prevent the other party from leaving. The young man wearing the helmet forcedly pushed Zhong Yuanzhen to the ground and fled the scene, causing Zhong Yuanzhen to fracture her ring finger and tail finger.

Comrade Gu Xiaoping pointed out that in a crisis, Zhang Wanda saved a life with a weak body. He was a person with righteousness. When he was in danger, he ignored personal safety and life, but his simple behavior showed strong positive energy. . After hearing her neighbor's call for help, Zhong Yuanzhen still showed no fear at all during the crisis, and stepped forward regardless of her personal safety. Her heroic behavior is worthy of everyone's learning.

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