On December 9, the Provincial Forestry Bureau

The first batch of "National Forest Village" in Guangdong Province in 2019

Proposed identification list for publicity

A total of 440 administrative villages in 84 cities, districts and counties were selected

The national forest and village selection work is carried out at the district level and recommended, and at the municipal level. The evaluation is based on six indicators and 25 indicators including the protection of rural natural ecological features, the management of landscapes, lakes and grass systems, and the construction of forest green spaces.

At the prefecture level in Guangdong Province, the listed national forestry authorities and the counties (cities, districts) forestry authorities recommended candidates for "National Forest and Village", passed expert review, and after the provincial forestry bureau's research and decision, recommended 440 to the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau These administrative villages are the first batch of "National Forest Villages" in Guangdong Province.

List of the first batch of "National Forest Villages" in Guangdong Province in 2019 (440)

Dapu County: Hounan Village, Baihou Town, Daliu Village in Hemp Town, Jiaokeng Village in Qingxi Town, Beitang Village, Huangtang Village in Xihe Town, and Kengkou Village in Yinjiang Town.

Fengshun County: Huanghua Village in Shatian Town, Sanshan Village in Fengliang Town, Xishan Village in Liuying Town, Xiaoxi Village in Baxiang Shan Town, and Xindong Village in Pantian Town.

Jiaoling County: Baimei Village, Changtan Town, Xuxi Village, Xinpu Town, Longtan Village, Lanfang Town, Jiuling Village, Sanzhen Town, Shizhai Village, Nanxun Town.

Meixian: Baisha Village, Shuiche Town, Fengling Village, Baidu Town, Ling Village Village, Shikeng Town, Meizhou Village, Longwen Town, Qiao Village, Nankou Town, Shuimei Village, Meinan Town, Taoyuan Village, Taoyao Town, Changjiang Town Three villages, Changjiao Village of Yanyang Town.

Pingyuan County: Huangtian Village, Hetou Town, Jiaokeng Village, Bachi Town, Malou Village, Renju Town, Meiyu Village, Sishui Town, and Minao Village, Shangju Town.

Wuhua County: Bingtang Village, Shuanghua Town, Zhangcun Village, Changbu Town, Huangdong Village, Xianhe Village, Longcun Town, Longtan Village, Guotian Town, Liudong Village, Zhuanshui Town, and Junying Village, Shuanghua Town.

Xingning City: Jinkeng Village of Daping Town, Longdong Village of Heshui Town, Dongsheng Village of Jingnan Town, Xinnan Village of Luofu Town, and Dacun Village of Xintuo Town.

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来源:广东省林业局 Author: Unknown Source: Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau

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