On March 19, Meizhou Mobile opened the company's first 5G base station in the Meizhou Ying Hotel. The Meizhou Ying Hotel and the area around the government road in Meijiang District achieved mobile 5G signal coverage.

In a 5G network environment, the peak signal transmission rate can reach 10 to 100 times the 4G rate. As a new generation of mobile communication technology, 5G technology covers communication networks with wider signal coverage and better network effects; more forms of 5G terminals and wider fields of 5G scene applications provide users with fresher, richer, more intelligent and innovative Work, life, and learning experience can add technical strength to the construction of smart cities and related industries. This network form can not only meet high-speed applications such as 4K / 8K wireless video live broadcast, VR (virtual reality) / AR (augmented reality), naked eye 3D, etc .; it also meets industrial control requirements with millisecond signal levels, stimulating driverless, remote medical treatment , Intelligent industrial manufacturing, smart factories and other industries.

Mobile workers are testing 5G signals for Meizhou.

At the mobile 5G base station speed measurement site in Meizhou, the reporter saw through test equipment that user experience data downloads can reach up to 1Gbps. Meizhou Mobile field staff said that in the mobile 5G network era, using VR and 4K ultra-high-definition technologies to broadcast live concert signals back to the public, citizens can watch idols live at home without leaving home. Wonderful show. Due to the large bandwidth and low latency of the 5G network, citizens can watch real-time live pictures at home, and interact smoothly, which can almost achieve a synchronous and excellent experience.

The relevant person in charge of Meizhou Mobile told reporters that after the company successfully opened the first local 5G base station, it will vigorously promote the construction and application of local 5G trial networks, and actively explore 4K HD / VR live broadcast, car networking, smart police, smart water, Smart campus, smart medical, smart factory, smart grid, smart robot, Cloud X and other industry application functions.

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