Recently, a friend of Xingning people in Shenzhen has become popular! Many people are boiling because of this photo of him.

In the photo, a bus driver is squatting down at the door, holding one passenger's soles in one hand, and holding the passenger's leg firmly in the other. He is Ouyang Guoxin: Xingning Huang Zhigan.

This scene took place in Shenzhen on October 30, 2019.

At 7:45 in the morning, an old man got on the B982 bus on the platform of Community 50. The master noticed that the old man's legs were inconvenient and paid special attention to him.

The master asked the old man where to get off, and started the car only after the old man was seated. When the vehicle arrives at the hospital, the elderly need to get off.

Master Ouyang saw that the old man's legs could not walk normally and it was inconvenient to get out of the car, so he parked the car at the hospital door, walked to the back door and carefully supported the old man's feet with both hands, and let the old man step on the car.

At the same time, passengers on board and hospital security took the initiative to help. After the old man was seated in a wheelchair, the master was reassured to continue into the operation.

When this scene happened, the passengers in the car silently raised their mobile phones to record this moving moment, and some people sent photos to the circle of friends.

I do n’t know what your name is, but I like you ~

来源:深圳巴士集团、黄陂黄陂 Author: Unknown Source: Shenzhen Bus Group, Huangpi Huangpi

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