On the morning of the 13th, the city held a mobilization meeting to promote the procurement of pharmaceuticals across regional joint groups in public medical institutions. The reporter learned at the meeting that, based on the provincial platform's fulfillment of centralized procurement, the city will rely on the third-party pharmaceutical group procurement platform determined by Shenzhen to conduct cross-regional joint groups in the form of "buy volume" and "price-price link" Purchasing, lowering the price of drug supply, and effectively reducing the burden of drug costs on the masses.

According to reports, the implementation of pharmaceutical cross-regional joint group procurement reforms, through fair competition, openness, and transparency, will improve the marketization, intensification, and sunshine of drug supply guarantees, which will help to further strengthen clinical shortages of drugs, commonly used low-cost drugs, and women and children's specialty drugs Ability to ensure the supply of first-aid rescue medicines and national medical insurance negotiation medicines. The total cost of drug procurement for medical institutions participating in the cross-regional joint group procurement is expected to decrease by 20% -30% compared to the same period last year for the purchase of drugs of the same quantity and quality. Improve clinical rational drug use. At the same time, the implementation of online supervision through information means will reduce the risk of a clean government in the field of pharmaceutical purchases and sales, optimize the order of drug purchases and sales, and promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry.

The implementation target of the pharmaceutical cross-regional pharmaceutical group procurement reform in our city is all public medical institutions in the city, and other private medical institutions are encouraged to actively participate. The first batch of 476 drug product regulations (including anti-cancer drugs negotiated in 17 countries). Since then, according to the operation of the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group's procurement platform, medical institutions have been organized to participate in the Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals' cross-regional joint group procurement. After half a year of trial operation, the effectiveness evaluation was conducted, and one of the platforms was scientifically selected as the procurement platform for the city's major drug groups.

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