The Meixian District Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau of Meizhou City plans to build a garbage transfer station within the area of the side of Fuda Substation in Meixian District. The specific planning plan is: the planned land area of the project is 2165 square meters, the total construction area is 877.22 square meters, the base area is 678.02 square meters, the capacity building area is 877.22 square meters, the plot ratio is 0.41, the green space ratio is 21.15%, and the building density is 31.31%. For details, please refer to the public drawing before the planning approval, which is only a schematic diagram, subject to the final approval.

The planning plan is being submitted to our bureau for approval, and the plan will be publicly announced before approval. The publicity date is September 18, 2019 to September 27, 2019. If you have any objections to this plan, please provide feedback online or by letter or phone during the publicity period. Effective feedback must include the true name of the respondent, effective contact information, and provide proof of the publicity and its interest. .

If no objection is made after the deadline, it shall be deemed as agreeing to this plan.

Publicity location: on-site, online (website: )

Organized by: Planning and Construction Section of Meizhou Natural Resources Bureau

Phone: 2583025


Meizhou Natural Resources Bureau

September 18, 2019

来源:梅州市自然资源局 Author: Unknown Source: Natural Resources Bureau of Meizhou City

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