The newly-built Longyan Railway passes the Meizhou-Longchuan Line (referred to as Longmeilong High-speed Railway , Shuanglong High-speed Railway, Ssangyong Passenger Dedicated), the project starts from Longyan City, Fujian Province, and enters Guangdong Province through Shanghang County and Wuping County ( Meilong High-speed Railway ). Jiaoling County, Meizhou City, Xingning City , Wuhua County, and Longchuan County in Heyuan City from the west to the northeast to the southwest.

Recently, the Ssangyong high-speed railway keeps getting news. Xingning citizens have always been concerned about the site selection of Xingning South Station, and have been looking forward to it for several years.

According to the latest issue of "Where did the secretary and the director go", the staff and transportation, land, highway and other departments of Duozhen ( Ningxin Street, Diaofang Town, Yonghe Town ) of our city participated in May 8th. Long-term high-speed railway project coordination meeting .

Screenshot source: Xingning release

Screenshot source: Xingning release

Screenshot source: Xingning release

It seems that the site setting of Xingning South Station is basically inseparable from Ningxin Street, Diaofang Town, and Yonghe Town. Of course, everything is possible until it is specifically determined. Where do you think the site location is reasonable? ?

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