[Xingning Tap Water Corporation] Dear users: After overnight inspection, it was found that the 1.2m diameter cement main water pipe in the paddy field on the side of the bridge gate in Gantang Village burst. Our company organizes personnel and machinery to carry out rush repairs overnight, continuously and continuously, as soon as possible until the water supply is restored. sorry for the inconveniences caused!

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  • 刚回来家乡发展,就接二连三的自来水爆水管,一次是意外,二次三次就是无能了。 36th floor netizen 2019-09-16 12:27 Reply As soon as I came back to my hometown for development, one after another, the tap water burst the water pipe. One time was an accident. It used to be like that, the government was incompetent
  • 建议大家轮流打电话骂几句,反正闲着也是闲着 35th floor netizen 2019-09-16 10:04 Reply suggested that everyone take turns to call and scold a few words, anyway, idle is also idle
  • 已经无力吐槽这效率,不作为 34th floor netizen 2019-09-16 06:02 Reply has been unable to vomit this efficiency, do not act
  • 送“不作为”锦旗会被查水表送温暖吗? 33rd floor netizen 2019-09-16 00:14 Reply to send "inaction" pennants will be warmed by the water meter? Already unable to speak up, just perfunctory taxpayer's money? Or do you think you can do nothing with iron rice bowls?
  • 抢修? Netizens on the 32nd floor 2019-09-15 23:24 Reply to repair? Tomorrow will be another repair due to tonight's heavy rain can not work normally, continue to stop water ...
  • 喝水用水是生活中头等大事,望市领导切实把人民利益放在首要任务,千方百计尽快尽早恢复供水。 Netizens on the 31st floor 2019-09-15 18:01 Reply Drinking water is the top priority in life. I hope that the leaders of the city will put the interests of the people first and do everything possible to restore water supply as soon as possible. The other was speechless.
  • 什么时候能放水? Netizens on the 30th floor 2019-09-15 17:40 When can I reply ? The citizens should be notified. People complain that the efficiency is too low! What is the livelihood of the leaders of the water company?
  • 换个阀门,全城停水! Netizens on the 29th floor 2019-09-15 16:04 Reply to another valve, the whole city stops! Make a thunder, and the whole city stops! As for?
  • 希望政府部门重视,不是一年两年的问题了,坏事传千里,这个事都成兴宁的笑话了 28th floor netizen 2019-09-15 15:08 Reply I hope that the government departments attach importance to it, not a year or two problem, bad things spread a thousand miles, this thing has become a joke of Xingning
  • 中秋节节前全城停水,中秋节后又停水了。 Netizens on the 27th floor 2019-09-15 14:35 Reply to the water stop in the city before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the water stopped after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Tortured the Xingning government. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the theory of the new era has been continuously studied. The Central Committee of the Party has repeatedly asked for practical solutions to the problems of people's livelihood.