"I was trafficked to Zhejiang by traffickers, and I was all bitter. I thank you." In 1976, Gao Xiaofeng, only 9 years old, and his mother and sister were trafficked from Xingning to Lishui, Zhejiang. For 43 years, Gao Xiaofeng had been thinking about it. Going home until March 29, with the help of volunteers, Gao Xiaofeng returned to his hometown of Litang Village, Shima Town, Xingning City, and realized his dream of returning home. Regrettably, Gao Xiaofeng is the only one in the family of seven at that time. The only place where he was born has been left. People are not there.

Gao Xiaofeng met his relatives in his hometown.

Three mothers and daughters were trafficked to Zhejiang

Lishui, Zhejiang, is only over 800 kilometers away from Xingning, Meizhou. It took Gao Xiaofeng 43 years to complete the return home. Although his close relatives were separated by life and death, Gao Xiaofeng still thanked the volunteers who helped her find the root. When When she got out of the car and walked to her former home, she knelt affectionately to the volunteers who helped her. All thanks and all the bitterness turned into tears and this heavy knee. "I thank you, I thank you. "Looking at the former home where only the ruins are left, Gao Xiaofeng weeped with the help of her relatives," My home is gone. "However, she still faintly remembers what it used to be. "Here is the fish pond, here is the door ... I remember that my family was poor before. I could cook a large pot of vegetables and a little rice. Once, my dad could n’t even eat a bowl of rice. He smiled as I grabbed my sister. Eat. "Gao Xiaofeng said, she always wanted to go home, miss her father and brother. When she was in Zhejiang, she once asked someone to help write letters to her family to find relatives, but she didn't reply. "I once dreamed that my dad wanted me to go home. I remember my dad was Gao Hanfei, my brother was Gao Dahai, and my family was in Shima."

Gao Xiaofeng faintly remembered what the family looked like.

Speaking of things when he was at home, Gao Xiaofeng seemed relaxed and natural. However, when Gao Xiaofeng recalled her mother, sister, and the days after being trafficked, she couldn't help crying. She told reporters that she and her mother and sister had been trafficked to Lishui, Zhejiang, for a total of 900 yuan. Her mother had a mental disorder on the road, and her mental condition was good or bad. In the end, her mother was sold to her adoptive father, who was a disabled person. Her mother always wanted to run away, but at that time the traffic was not convenient and it was easy to get her back. "They will hit my mother." Around 1990, Gao Xiaofeng's mother was lost, and her whereabouts are unknown. Gao Xiaofeng's elder sister was sold to another family to raise her as a child, eventually killing herself by drinking pesticide at the age of 18.

Gao Xiaofeng returned to his uncle's house accompanied by his uncle.

So what happened to Gao Xiaofeng's mother and daughter after the three were abducted and sold? Gao Xiaofeng's uncle Gao Hanchong introduced that in 1974, Gao Xiaofeng's father Gao Hanfei took overdose medicines due to illness and suffered a mental disorder. In 1976, shortly after Gao Xiaofeng's mother and daughter were abducted and sold, he died of a fire. His son Gao Dahai (the younger brother of Gao Xiaofeng) was adopted by Gao Hanchong, but later worked overseas and had mental disorders. In 2002, Suicide.

Gao Xiaofeng returned to his uncle's house accompanied by his uncle.

After returning home for 43 years, I finally returned to my hometown

Gao Xiaofeng's experience was heartbreaking, but fortunately, a trafficker who had trafficked Gao Xiaofeng's mother and daughter was arrested and punished accordingly. The husband married by Gao Xiaofeng was also good to her. Now Gao Xiaofeng His sons and daughters are adults and are living well. In fact, after the three of Gao Xiaofeng's mother and daughter were trafficked, relatives such as Gao Hanchong also tried to find them, but kept searching for nothing. "After I arrived in Zhejiang, I was renamed." Gao Xiaofeng said. Because Gao Xiaofeng has always missed her hometown, eager to go home, and this year because she watched some family-seeking programs, she missed it more and yearned to go home, so her daughter Xiaomei tried to collect some information about Gao Xiaofeng's hometown and tried to go back to the baby Jiawang posts to find relatives and help her mother to return home. After seeing Xiaomi's family-finding post, Aping, a volunteer at, immediately contacted a friend from Xingning Shima. With the help of several enthusiastic friends, Aping quickly learned that Xingning Shi There was a similar situation in Ma Litang Village. Later, Gao Yongxiong got in touch with Gao Yongxiong. Gao Yongxiong's father was Gao Hanchong, and his uncle was Gao Hanfei. Gao Yongxiong finally got in touch with Gao Xiaofeng. After verification, the two finally determined that the other party was their own relative. After 43 years, Gao Xiaofeng finally returned to her hometown, where she met her uncle, aunt, and other relatives.

"I'm very happy to be back home at home, but I feel unsatisfactory, because my father and brother are gone, and the home is gone." Speaking of the deceased family member, Gao Xiaofeng couldn't help sorrowing and tears, and she felt ashamed. Endured with motion sickness, since the evening of the 28th, he took his children on high-speed rail, planes, cars, etc. across the mountains and rivers to go home. How can the complex mood on this road be humane? She said that in the future, she would contact more of her relatives in her hometown and often come back to see it. "Welcome her back, the family is gone, but my uncle is still there. I will treat Gao Xiaofeng like my daughter in the future."

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